June, 25

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Lytes Edison

Lytes Edison

Lytes Edison isn’t your typical MC. He excels at the art of word play and verbal execution in addition to his charismatic prowess on stage. He’s driven by the support from his listeners and the reliability to his rhymes. Inspired by all things hip-hop to be certain, Lytes is also motivated and influenced by country, rock and R&B. Anything with a story line that is authentic and genuine, Lytes can be moved by it. With a story that’s akin to turning tragedy to triumph and “nothing to something,” Lytes takes this approach to his music career.

His style is reminiscent of the east coast classic nature of those like Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest and others, but his individual music represents his own unique story. Anything he has ever dreamed is a part of the manifestation that comes through in his rhymes.

Whether coming together to collaborate with other artists in the studio or pacing back and forth, mumbling rhymes to himself, Lytes Edison has a creative process that is the light in the dark. Taking the approach of spitting his rhymes before finalizing their structure like Hov or Lil Wayne, the raps come across as more real and clean cut. No matter the beat, Lytes is a lyricist at the forefront.

It is this skill as a lyricist that has driven Edison toward his ability as a battle rapper. Being able to create songs that are listenable but also chock full of punch lines, metaphors and creative sentiment is a talent for young Lytes Edison. He’s 100% himself in both real time and on wax and that’s why Lytes Edison’s got next.


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