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New Beginning

As the seasons change, Lytes Edison decides to drop a new record. Is he currently working on a new project? Could this be a new start for the young artist? I’d have to say yes. In this record he’s telling a story of his life, maybe things he has being going through as of late. One thing about Edison is that guy is always 100% truthful. The catchy hook followed by wordplay and a storyline to follow has me thinking he is preparing a new music project in the near future. His sound has changed slightly as well I’ve noticed he sounds more sure of himself. Being a year and a half since his last project titled “Lytes In America” which you can download it at I truly believe Mr. Edison will deliver a new music project before the year is up.
Lytes Edison - Get It Right (Cover Art Preview)
As some are speculating this could be a great way to change things for Edison. Seems like he is in a better place mentally and more creatively. In this record you kind of hear him sing/harmonize in the hook, which we never heard from Edison in the past. Great way of showing his willing to try something different while remaining himself.

When you listen to the first verse, he starts off by saying “Name a rapper I ain’t lyrically better than.” With a slight pause as if he is giving his listeners time to answer and or maybe even name an artist or two. Then right after his following bar is “That’s why I’ve been in the lab working on Lytes like Edison.” That was a dope way to start this verse not only did he recognize there could be a few rappers people say he isn’t better than, he also acknowledged he’d been working on himself to become the best. Way to go Lytes !

Listen below tell me what you think.


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